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Since its establishment and through the years, S.M. Badjenid & Sons has always been famous for its wide range of fragrances; ie, the more traditional, exotic and ancient aroma blending it with the beautiful, mild and gentle modern up to date fragrance.

It is a norm as far as fragrances and aromas are concern, that nothing beats the more exotic traditional and ancient scents. It's strong and powerful but yet soothing effect, creates just the right ingredients and chemistry in the human anatomy which generates all the energy required in that certain and particular moment. It also creates the ever-lasting memory in the brain that of the same exact scent, which maybe recalled even after many years, that is also why these type of fragrance is said to address one of the strongest human senses, which is the sense of smell.

“No external sense is so intimately connected with the internal sense of perception as that of smell”, wrote J.W. Sawyer in Odorographia (Gurney and Jackson, London:1892)


As ancient as the history of Firaun/Pharoah or as that of the hanging city of Babylon and that of Rome and Persia. Used to be made as presents deserving of only the Kings, Queen and their dignitaries, was referred to in the Bible and Al Quran and favored by all the Prophets. Used to be reasons for ranging war and murders and of course a reason to continue living in the ever-famous tales from the thousand-and-one-night.   These fragrances had satisfied anyone and everyone through history, time and love affairs. Fragrances that had withstand the test of time for thousands of years over. We talk about musk, amber, frankincense, rose, saffron, sandalwood, etc. So much so that the practice of making these as gift to special friends and families still prevails to this day.


Modern Perfume


Our range of modern and up to date perfumes are also sought for. You name it and we have it and the count never stops. These modern perfumes are an appeal to the younger and fashion concern generation. These group, although may have the more traditional and exotic perfumes kept for special and romantic occasion, they may use this modern fragrances for their daily affairs. We have however most of the time proposed concentrated (non-alcoholic) over the Eau de Toilettes. The range includes timeless famous classics and the designer fragrances of which are constantly updated to include the latest favorites and seek-for-scents. Customers request and choice always have been and forever shall be our priority. We have also created our own aroma of which some are sought-for in this region like Al-Zaharah and Al-Mashuqhah.