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S.M. Badjenid & Son is the name known in Malaysia for its perfumes and canvas products. A name that denotes confidence and quality and that reflects reliability and customers' satisfaction. A first choice always and second to none.



S.M. Badjenid & Sons at its 3rd generation now has more than 80 years of experience coupled with the modern up-to-date choice of fragrances and blend of the more exotic and traditional fragrances. Traditional fragrances such as Dahn Al Oudh, Umber, Hajr Asward, Jasmine, Rose are offered to our customer's hearts content, pleasures and enjoyment. Since its early days of establishment, we have always believed in diversification. Through this belief, we are now known as the region's manufacturer, exporter and retailer of bakhoor, agar wood and fragrance wood. We are also the centre of collection for the best quality of Bakhoor from Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Indonesia and India.

For the past 50 over years, we have also gone into dealing with spices, textiles, velvets, canvas etc., of which has positioned us as one of the renowned and reputable manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of canvas products. We have canvas products such as camping tents, awnings, lorry covers, car covers, life jackets for boats and ferries, umbrella and the ever internationally reputed "all purpose cover". Our customers include Malaysian Government, corporate entities, universities, schools, local as well as overseas customers. 

It has always been a trademark brought down for 3 generations that we believe in only the BEST and there should be no second to that. With this high level of expectation and perseverance, we have now reach the highest level of perfection. We have always strived to provide the very best for everyone and nothing less for anyone. We believe that most of the time the best may not be the most expensive but instead that which gives us the fullest satisfaction. We also believe that we have a complete and thorough understanding our customers' needs and wants. Our customer fullest satisfaction is our best achievement. 

We have developed so much over the years and we have since created a reputation as the seller of only quality products. We would soon be entering and moving into the next phase of growth and we shall be focusing on expanding our overseas market and increasing our range of products. Thus, this will create a lot of business opportunities and we shall be looking for agents and distributors to market our products overseas.