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S.M. Badjenid & Son is the leading and the oldest manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of perfume compounds, essential oils, bakhoor, dahn al oudh, agar and canvas in Malaysia. It was established in 1917 in Penang, Malaysia. It's humble beginning started when a man of Hadhrami origin from Hadhramount, Sheikh Mohammed Ahmad Badjenid, opened a small shop in 1917 on this beautiful island also known as Pearl of the Orient. He is a man with vision towards diversification and with the taste for perfection. Since then, the business had been handed down from generation to generation.

Now at its 3rd generation, we have always believe and strived for the very best quality products that your money can buy. We have dedicated our entire existence into interpreting and translating your likes and dislikes and with these information together with our creativity, skills and ideas has provided us with continuing success till to date and is still growing.

History has reminded us that our entire success has not only been for reasons stated above. In fact, our entire setup would not be able to realize its dream and vision without our talented and experience employees and staff who has  been consistently working to improve S.M. Badjenid & Son. Their consistency, creativity, sensitivity and warmth towards maintaining and expanding cordial relationship between the customers and us, has gained the confidence of our customers, in the way that immediate and swift action and response would be their priority towards all customers request.

S. M. Badjenid & Son is what it is today for the confidence that our customers have in us and it shall be our pride to guard and savour it forever. A vision from what was a dream is now a reality, thanks to the dedication for perfection and customers satisfaction that we have maintained and shall always strive for at S. M. Badjenid & Son.