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S. M. Badjenid & Son has been dealing in canvas and canvas products for over 55 years. We have vast experience in varieties of design and application for canvas. Our products are design and manufactured for durability and beauty. Our varieties include canvas for holidays, canvas for business, canvas for leisure, canvas for homes, canvas for families, canvas on land, canvas on water, for hotels, canvas for the army, schools and many more, as our motto for canvas has always been, “you name it, we have it”. Our customers include the Malaysian Government, corporate entities, universities, schools, local as well as overseas customers.

Surely you may have come across the problems of weak joints and edges in the canvas that you may have bought! We however, have through years of experience developed techniques in strengthening the joints and edges combining traditional ideas and the more advanced hi-tech method and capabilities and this surely guarantees long lasting. To further ensure durability and fault-free output, our product goes through stringent quality control line and we also try to always stay one step ahead in terms of design and technique.

Our range of products include cover for lorries, cars, boats, jeeps, camping tents, awnings, umbrella, beach umbrella, mattress, open storage cover and multipurpose covers for all use. We also manufacture all kinds of bags, jackets, life jackets, punching bags, aprons, hammock, ground sheets for tents, canvas stretcher, just to name a few.


We also specialize in design & build products and projects. With more than 15 years of experience in this area coupled with dedicated employees and staff we would definitely be able to meet your needs and give you valuable advice.

Our products are meant for local and export market and we are also a wholesaler for virgin and un-manufactured canvas and are also the sole distributor for several brands and qualities of canvas. These canvases in rolls can come in different sizes suitable for large quantities required for road building, construction sites fencing and safety wall, etc. Call us and we shall always be ready to assists and accommodate you.