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We in Malaysia are very lucky to be surrounded by these trees (agar wood trees) in the rich and thick tropical rainforest. However, we feel that this gift of God must be shared by all and at its best state, quality and scent.


A mild and limited understanding of the tree would only amount to vast differences in quality of these Bakhoor. Specialized knowledge of the aborigine people who lived in these forests are required and of which are acquired through hundreds of years of experience. A search into the wild and darkest forest for this wood may take from a few days up to a few months and of course luck very much counts. A matured and perfect tree may look as ordinary as any other tree or to that of a young and premature tree, what more since in its healthy state the wood produces no fragrance but instead it is the diseased and dying tree that is highly sought for and priced.

To the nose of an inexperience man or amateur, there may not be any difference apart from the colour. Only with experience, we are able to differentiate the quality or maturity of the wood. We have established ourselves through years of active business in this trade and have since become the collection center of the region's best bakhoor. Our collection includes those from Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and of course Malaysia. "Trust" in this region doesn't come as natural but instead built through generation and yet trust is however very crucial in trading with this simple yet valuable item. Of course we rely largely on the clues handed down for 3 generations and guarded sacredly as a family secret, when making our pick on the bakhoor offered to us by these so-called suppliers.

In order to maintain our standard, we deal with only the top range of Bakhoor and we place nothing as second to quality and what we have are therefore definitely the best.

Dahn Al Oudh


Although it is mystique to some, we have however mastered the art of traditionally extracting oil from bakhoor to create Dahn Al Oudh. A traditional process that requires the understanding of its creation within the special tree, it also requires knowledge of identifying the best quality bakhoor, the art of extracting the bakhoor from the bark and trunk of the tree and thereafter cleaning it with such care and precision that may kill the patience in a man. Then it follows, by extracting the oil in a very delicate and long process of boiling at the right temperature, duration and water content (in the process known as steam distillation). The process, which takes hundreds of years to be perfected, that not even the state of the art technology can replace. Our brand of Dahn Al Oudh are pure and free of any foreign mixture or elements. This has acquired the recognition of our customers. Some regions in Asia are even known to mixed foreign and "Haram" elements in this oil, which includes pork oil/fat to increase the quantity and therefore generates higher revenue and of course there is much that could be done to improve coloring. We are however dedicated to always maintain our quality and purity as we mostly sell to Muslim customers.